Nomadic passions and vagabond ways have led me on an unbelievable journey for the past 15 years. My mind body and soul having experienced some of the most unforgettable landscapes, cultures and organic raw experiences . My journeys have taken me far and wide, from riding on the Tran-Siberian Rail to swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos. I have explored over 30 different countries and have been based in some of the world’s most exciting cities including New York, Moscow,¬†London, Sydney and Tokyo.

A lifestyle rich in organic love, freedom, health and happiness has inspired me to create a skincare range that is the yummiest, most nutritious, delicious and organic, raw meal for your skin. My small exquisite range provides your skin with all the minerals, nutrients, fatty-acids and anti-oxidants required for optimal skin health. Each Gypsy Juice product is hand blended using ingredients sourced from all corners of the earth, selected for their exquisite quality, purity and natural healing properties. Every aspect of the range exudes quality and organic craftsmanship. Gypsy Juice is proudly PETA certified as a cruelty free company.

I love my little range and I hope you will too.

Smiles and Sunshine

Sommer. x

“If you’re looking for the world’s highest quality organic skincare, then look no further than Gypsy Juice…”

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine.